Rakas ääliö / Stupid sweetheart

Rakas ääliö | Stupid sweetheart (2016)

Full HD-video, 16:9, Color
Single channel

”You are the only people who will be there for each other through your whole life.” – My mother at the end of the 90’s.

I started working on “Stupid sweetheart” out of my desire to explore sisterhood as a relationship. We are in one way or another tied to each other through our lives and often closest to each other in the most turbulent phases of life. Children’s rooms showdowns lay the foundation for the personality; sisters creativity in fights and insults are limitless.
There aren’t many people who can spit in your ear and after a while you hug them.

I started to construct the work through memories and experiences. I used the childhood VHS-cassettes, as well as my own and my sisters memories and experiences from our whole life. There emerged some hateful and cruel situations, but also the experience that our childhood was a good one and our own. We built together the narrative of the past. These are our unique memories, yet the experience is universal. All is linked to the ordinary life, everyday torture and tenderness of the nursery.

During the process, I got in touch with the conflict of personal memories and recorded memories – the videos and photographs were filled with play, friends, and fun memories, while the interviews told their own story about disputes and maliciousness.

“Stupid sweetheart” is a film that has been crafted into existence through performance, real life and memories mixing to fantasy. Everything is true, but nothing is real. I also reflect the mutual dynamics of the sisters. The younger sister duo is constantly in each others heels, for better or worse. The third sister, the witness, is there but is she present?

The magnitude of the sisters love for each other is an interesting phenomenon. How can we terrorize each other and be best friends? Can we? What do we put up with in the name of sisterhood?

Starring Paula Nousiainen & Marja Nousiainen
Gaffer, 1st AC & color correction by Valtteri Piira