Anna-Mari Nousiainen is an artist and a filmmaker who lives and works in Finland. Her main mediums are video and photography. Anna-Mari’s experimental films and music videos have been featured in various festivals and exhibitions. Wilderness, dreams, paganism and memories are an endless source of inspiration to her.

Artist statement

I’m tied to the Finnish countryside, my fingers and toes deep in the ground.The surrounding northern nature molds my soul and my sight. I’m wrapped in black and white landscape most of the year, so I steal the colors from the sky, catch the glimpse of vibrant pastels.
Small towns, bored babes and vast fields shape the way I see the world.

I balance between delightful and disgusting. Creamy pastels turn into lime, falling teeth are in fact crystals, sweet girls paint their faces with blood. Human behaviour is raw, cruel and wild, yet caring and honest. I’m drawn to the deep dark woods and yearn to find our inner monsters. I try to drive out the hidden to visible, find the real human nature.

Everything is association. Dreams, warped memories and actual happenings blend into one – lines blur and dreams shift into reality. Every memory is as important, whether it’s true or false.